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Astro Fonts

A font which uses ligatures to encode symbols for the major moons.

Posted: Sep 24th, 2022 - Modified: Sep 28th, 2022

Astromoony Font

I created a font that uses ligatures to include symbols for the moons. For example, “♂I” will be rendered as a symbol for Phobos, the first moon of Mars.


Sans Serif v1.2 (Github Repo)

Table of Characters

Symbol Object Name No Font Codepoint(s)
☉︎ Sol, The Sun ☉︎ 2609
Mercury 263F
Venus 2640
🜨 Terra, The Earth 🜨 1F728
Luna, The Moon (Terra I) 263e
Terra (Alternate) 2641
Mars 2642
♂I Phobos (Mars I) ♂I 2642-49
♂II Deimos (Mars II) ♂II 2642-49
Ceres 26B3
2 Pallas 26B4
3 Juno 26B5
4 Vesta 26B6
Jupiter 2643
♃I Io (Jupiter I) ♃I 2643-49
♃II Europa (Jupiter II) ♃II 2643-49-49
♃III Ganymede (Jupiter III) ♃III 2643-49-49-49
♃IV Callisto (Jupiter IV) ♃IV 2643-49-56
Saturn 2644
♄I Mimas (Saturn I) ♄I 2644-49
♄II Enceladus (Saturn II) ♄II 2644-49-49
♄III Tethys (Saturn III) ♄III 2644-49-49-49-49
♄IV Dione (Saturn IV) ♄IV 2644-49-56
♄V Rhea (Saturn V) ♄V 2644-56
♄VI Titan (Saturn VI) ♄VI 2644-56-49
♄VII Hyperion (Saturn VII) ♄VII 2644-56-49-49
♄VIII Iapetus (Saturn VIII) ♄VIII 2644-56-49-49-49
Uranus 2645
♅V Miranda (Uranus V) ♅V 2645-56
♅I Ariel (Uranus I) ♅I 2645-49
♅II Umbriel (Uranus II) ♅II 2645-49-49
♅III Titania (Uranus III) ♅III 2645-49-49-49
♅IV Oberon (Uranus IV) ♅IV 2645-49-56
Uranus (Alternate) 26E2
⛢V Miranda (Uranus V) (Alternate) ⛢V 26E2-56
⛢I Ariel (Uranus I) (Alternate) ⛢I 26E2-49
⛢II Umbriel (Uranus II) (Alternate) ⛢II 26E2-49-49
⛢III Titania (Uranus III) (Alternate) ⛢III 26E2-49-49-49
⛢IV Oberon (Uranus IV) (Alternate) ⛢IV 26E2-49-56
Neptune 2646
♆I Triton (Neptune I) ♆I 2645-49
♆II Nereid (Neptune II) ♆II 2645-49-49
♆VIII Proteus (Neptune VIII) ♆VIII 2645-56-49-49-49
Neptune (Alternate) 2BC9
⯉I Triton (Neptune I) (Alternate) ⯉I 2BC9-49
🝿 Orcus 🝿 1F77F
🝿I Vanth (Orcus I) 🝿I 1F77F-49
Pluto 2647
♇I Charon (Pluto I) ♇I 2647-49
♇V Styx (Pluto V) ♇V 2647-56
♇II Nix (Pluto II) ♇II 2647-49-49
♇IV Kerberos (Pluto IV) ♇IV 2647-49-56
♇III Hydra (Pluto III) ♇III 2647-49-49-49
Pluto (Alternate) 2BD3
⯓I Charon (Pluto I) (Alternate) ⯓I 2BD3-49
⯓V Styx (Pluto V) (Alternate) ⯓V 2BD3-56
⯓II Nix (Pluto II) (Alternate) ⯓II 2BD3-49-49
⯓IV Kerberos (Pluto IV) (Alternate) ⯓IV 2BD3-49-56
⯓III Hydra (Pluto III) (Alternate) ⯓III 2BD3-49-49-49
Pluto (Alternate) 2BD4
Pluto (Alternate) 2BD5
Pluto (Alternate) 2BD6-49
🝻 Haumea 🝻 1F77B
🝻I Hi'iaka (Haumea I) 🝻I 1F77B
🝻II Namaka (Haumea II) 🝻II 1F77B
🝾 Quaoar 🝾 1F77E
🝾I Weywot (Quaoar I) 🝾I 1F77E-49
🝼 Makemake 🝼 1F77C
🝽 Gonggong 🝽 1F77D
🝽I Xiangliu (Gonggong I) 🝽I 1F77D-49
Eris 2BF0
⯰I Dysnomia (Eris I) ⯰I 2BF0-49
Sedna 2BF2
I Capital Letter I (for ligatures) I 49
V Capital Letter V (for ligatures) V 56

Symbol Credit

Most of the modern designs above (for dwarf planets and major moons) are based on the public-domain symbol designs by Denis Moskowitz. Note that my glyphs for some objects (namely Europa, Ganymede, Callisto, Kerberos, and Orcus) are substantial deviations from Moskowitz’ designs, though they still keep to the ‘core idea’ of his designs.

Other Fonts

The Catrinity Font by Alexander Lange contains all official unicode astro symbols, as well as a large number of asteroid symbols in its Private-Use-Area. When making the glyphs in the Astromoony Sans font, I designed them to be stylistically similar to the astro symbols from Catrinity.

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