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  • Astro Symbols Posted: Jun 6th, 2021 - Modified: Jan 7th, 2023
    Symbols for astronomical objects, both ancient and modern.
  • Calling a Whale a Fish Posted: Apr 28th, 2022 - Modified: Nov 28th, 2022
    Confusing Common-Name Cladistics
    An exploration of taxonomy via only mostly-nonsensical use of terminology.
  • Element Names Posted: Jul 15th, 2022 - Modified: Sep 28th, 2022
    Some Idle Musings Related to the Names of the Chemical Elements
  • New State Birds Posted: Nov 21st, 2021 - Modified: Jan 7th, 2023
    A whimsical analysis of bird sightings.
  • Notes on Plastics Posted: Jun 6th, 2021 - Modified: Jul 23rd, 2022
    A description of common plastic polymers and how they are made.
  • Plant Ranking Posted: Mar 16th, 2021
    An incomplete ranking of common plant families, according to my subjective opinions.
  • XYX Compounds Posted: Jul 31st, 2022
    Chemical compounds with a similar structure to water.
    A short list of chemical compounds consisting of one atom joined to two other atoms of some element. For example, water (HOH) carbon dioxide (OCO) and silica (OSO).

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