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YouTube Channels

Posted: Jun 24th, 2021 - Modified: May 16th, 2023

Youtube’s recommendation algorithm is a mess, and an unsorted list of every subscription isn’t great for finding stuff I want to watch, so I made a categorized list of youtube channels that I like to check occasionally.

I also find that the YouTube experience is improved by a third-party client. I use FreeTube on desktop, and NewPipe on Android.

It takes a bit to load because I have to go through a CORS proxy to grab the youtube RSS feeds using only javascript.


A Man Walks About Describing Things

(aka the Tom Scott genre)


Physics, Chemistry, and Engineering

Life Sciences


Misc Educational and Semi-Educational

Just Entertainment

Cute Animals

Birds in particular

Food and Cookery

Media Commentary

Media Commentary Specifically about Fights


Mostly Musical Comedy

Interesting objects

The Fan Fandom

Original Fictional Content

Board Games

All channels. Click to expand.

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