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Econ News Sources

A student asked me what I do to keep up with economic events. This was my reply.

Primary sources are the most “reliable”, of course. And various government agencies have newsletters you can sign up for. (I have a seperate email set up for recieving this kind of thing. It’s a mess to have that stuff interspersed with your regular email feed.)

The Financial Times also has a good reputation, though I don’t currently have a subscription.

The downside of these sources is that they can be a bit dry and miss out on the wackier side of current events. A bit of editorializing reduces the reliability of of a source, but can make it more fun to read.

Some high quality, but editorialized sources of economic news:

  • The Economist Magazine
  • Planet Money and The Indicator, two podcasts from NPR. (The indicator is more current-events focused.)
  • Matt Levine’s Money Stuff (focuses on finance rather than econ, but hey, there’s some conceptual overlap)

And this isn’t news per se, but the NBER has mailing lists with updates about ongoing econ research

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